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Liaison inter-cuissardes Overdose

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Liaison inter-cuissardes facilement détachable et spécialement pensée pour la pratique de la WingSuit.

D’une mise en oeuvre et d’une utilisation enfantine.

Instruction d’installation –> ICI

Le montage et l’utilisation de ce produit est sous l’entière responsabilité de son utilisateur.
Nous ne pourrions pas être tenu responsable d’un mauvais montage et/ou d’une mauvaise utilisation.

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The new removable leg strap bungee is for people who wingsuit and do other cool stuff too! The new clasp design is both 30% narrower and shorter than the first generation plastic version. The two part design allows the bungee to be connected and disconnected to allow the easy fitting and removal of your rig from your wingsuit. Half elastic and half gutted type 3a prevents the bungee from being ‘pinged’ while wearing your rig.


The aluminium barrel is lab tested to 70kg with smooth edges so is safe against the fabric of your wingsuit and snag resistant; no test jumpers reported feeling the clip while sitting on the floor or benches of various aircraft or while sliding out fast downwinders.


Technical specs:

  • Minimum fitted length: ~75mm (3”)
  • Barrel height: 10mm Barrel Length 34 mm
  • Supplied with 400mm 3mm shock and needle/string for ease of fitting.

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