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La Zulu est une voile expert.

Tailles disponibles : 92, 102, 112, 122, 132, 152, 172 ft²

Tarifs sur devis uniquement.

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Aerodyne’s hot 9-cell wing. A true high performance non-crossbraced canopy, aggressive and nimble with positive reliable on-heading openings at a reasonable 9-cell price. It was designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation software using sophisticated aerodynamic principles to create a versatile high performance aerofoil.With the ZULU, the canopy pilot gets consistent and positive on heading openings. It is elliptical at both the nose and the tail, with a tapered wing, and it is highly responsive to toggle, riser, and harness input. Like a great sports car or an aerobatic airplane, it does exactly what it is told to do. The ZULU does not exhibit the temperamental nature of some high performance canopies which can be prone to radical openings and oversteer. It is a parachute that is easy to fly with precision.

With that said, it is a performance canopy and not intended for the inexperienced canopy pilot. The more experienced skydiver will appreciate the ZULU’s capabilities and should be prepared for the exhilaration of a canopy that can make your heart pound as you put it through its paces.

The ZULU is a well-mannered high performance canopy and is suitable for many disciplines. Our test team made hundreds of jumps on ZULUs which included wingsuiting, big way, and camera jumps.We selected a pool of expert test pilots and did exhaustive head-to-head comparisons with the leading parachutes in the same class. The ZULU emerged as the preferred canopy among the test pilot group. With test wing loadings ranging from 1.3 to 2.2, the ZULU was stable in all conditions, and it exhibited great control response with brakes stowed. The electronic monitors calculated the Zulu’s best glide of 4.26 to 1 as the highest canopy glide ratio in the class. At the same time, the ZULU turned and dived more aggressively than the other canopies, showing both a greater increase in speed and carving through more altitude in a 360° turn.

Along with the all-new ZULU aerofoil, we have developed an all-new premium line type, a highly ordered structured thermoplastic polymer, the new ZLX.

You will be impressed by the soft and supple feel of the line, which is not as brittle and abrasive as other high performance lines. It has shown us remarkable strength and endurance in a year of jump testing. It maintains the feel of the line over hundreds of jumps without pilling like some lines can show over time. It provides no shrinkage and a longer life than lines currently available in the market. The ZULU will come standard with the new ZLX 700 lines.In addition, the ZULU will be available with a removable slider as an option. This is an Aerodyne design, with high grade stainless steel custom hardware. By removing the slider, you will allow the risers to open wider, flattening the wing for optimum performance. Our slider is a simple and elegant design, easy to use, and very secure.

When you are flying a ZULU, the canopy flight is where the fun begins! The ZULU will provide the most fun and the least stress of any high performance canopy on the market…

Wing Area Span Chord Chord Weight Weight Volume
Sq. Ft. Ft. Max Min Kg. Lbs. Cu. Inch
92 16.10 5.92 5.03 2.10 4.60 293
102 16.77 6.17 5.24 2.20 4.80 305
112 17.70 6.51 5.53 2.30 5.10 325
122 18.58 6.78 5.76 2.40 5.30 340
132 19.23 7.03 5.98 2.50 5.50 350
152 21.00 7.68 6.53 2.60 5.70 370
172 21.73 7.95 6.75 2.69 5.92 383
  • Planform factor: 10.0
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.75
  • Number of cells: 9
  • Fabric: ZP OR ZPX
  • Suspension lines: 700 LBS. VECTRAN ZLX
WL Student/Novice Intermediate Advanced Maximum
NS 1.4 1.8 2.2
Size Lbs Kg Lbs Kg Lbs Kg Lbs Kg
92 NS NS 129 59 166 75 202 92
102 NS NS 143 65 184 83 224 102
112 NS NS 157 71 202 92 246 112
122 NS NS 171 78 220 100 268 122
132 NS NS 185 84 238 108 290 132
152 NS NS 213 97 274 124 300 136
172 NS NS 240 109 309 140 378 171

Note: The above numbers are recommendations based on the global use of similar canopies, and taking into consideration different training techniques, experiences and other varying conditions. Therefore the recommendation range may be varied based on individual and local training techniques, field elevations and prevailing atmospheric conditions.

This canopy selector program is designed as a non-exclusive guide to selecting a canopy. It is designed to be used to assist you in finding an appropriate model and size of Aerodyne canopy for your exit weight, experience level and expectations. Please remember that in no way can this selector replace professional expert advice that is based upon firsthand knowledge of your current experience, skill level and frame of reference.

Only training, experience, currency and a healthy body and mind can reduce (but will not eliminate) the risk to you of danger, serious bodily injury, or death. Regardless of your time in the sport, never hesitate to consult other more experienced or knowledgeable individuals. They are often happy to help you make appropriate decisions. At Aerodyne, we recommend that, for both your main and your reserve canopies, you choose a canopy suitable for your experience level, which you can land safely at your normal drop zone’s field elevation, in no wind, in hot summer conditions, utilizing a normal straight-in approach and progressive flare.

Please note that this selector is based upon exit weight and International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) conditions. Exit weight is body weight + equipment weight + clothing. ISA conditions are at Mean Sea Level (MSL) with a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius and 101,325 Pa (29.92″ Hg). Canopy wing performance degrades at higher altitudes and with higher temperatures.

Aerodyne has developed an objective method to determine the degree of ellipticity of a canopy’s planform. We have dubbed this value the “planform factor” (“PF”). A higher planform factor equates to a greater degree of ellipticity and will likely exhibit the associated characteristics. Typically an elliptical canopy is more equally pressurized for better flight performance and exhibits better flare capability. Similarly, the toggle pressure is usually lighter and the turn response is quicker. While these observations are not absolute, they are often typical of those exhibited by canopies with more elliptical planforms.


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