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Aerodyne Pilot7

Pilot 7

La Pilot7 Aerodyne est une voile 7 caissons fabriquée en tissus porosité zéro.

Le choix idéal pour des parachutistes de niveau intermédiaire ou confirmé, ainsi que pour les pratiquants de Wingsuit qui souhaitent des ouvertures douces et dans l’axe.

Afin de réduire le volume plié, il est possible de combiner* le tissus ZPX avec le nouveau tissu zéro porosité UltraLPV utilisé pour la nouvelle gamme de voiles de secours Smart. Merci de nous contacter pour de plus amples détails.

* Combinaison hybride en option

Tissus en option zpx

Tarifs sur devis uniquement.

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Rethink the 7-cell canopy, introducing the Pilot7.

When you have a famous name, there is an expectation to live up to it. This has certainly influenced our design of the Pilot7. The Pilot 9-cell canopy has built a solid reputation for great openings, flat glide and a powerful flare. The new Pilot7 needed to be pretty special to be worthy of the name Pilot.

It is.

The Pilot7 is probably the best wingsuit canopy made. It provides superbly consistent openings, which inspires confidence in everyone, from a beginning wingsuit flyer to a world champion (and several of both are happy Pilot7 flyers).

In flight, you will find the Pilot7 an agile and fun canopy. It is predictable enough that it encourages you to wring it out and play. It has a flat glide and a powerful flare, likely more so than any 7-cell you’ve experienced.

We make the canopy in standard ZP, in our honeycomb low pack volume ZPX, and in a new alchemy of materials we call UltraLPV. This builds the top skin and stabilizers from ZPX, and the ribs and bottom skin from FX-11 (the low pack volume material used in the SmartLPV). We use the ZLX lines to create an amazingly low pack volume canopy.

While we know wingsuit flyers love a great opening 7-cell available with unprecedentedly low pack volume, we also expect that there will be a demand from a broader spectrum of the skydiving community. Students, younger jumpers, and older jumpers will all benefit from the forgiving openings, low pack volumes and great handling characteristics of the Pilot7.

Rethink Seven
Available sizes: 117, 127, 137, 147, 167, 187, 207, 227, 247, 277 sq ft.

Tech Specs

Wing Area Span Chord Chord Weight Weight Volume
Sq. Ft. Ft. Max Min Kg. Lbs. Cu. Inch
117 15.18 7.95 6.76 2.15 4.73 325
127 15.66 8.20 6.97 2.20 4.84 335
137 16.43 8.59 7.30 2.22 4.88 345
147 17.02 8.84 7.52 2.31 5.08 365
167 18.14 9.37 7.75 2.38 5.24 380
187 19.19 9.92 7.75 2.45 5.39 400
207 20.19 10.43 8.62 2.48 5.46 425
227 21.15 10.92 9.03 2.56 5.63 460
247 22.06 11.39 9.41 2.63 5.79 480
277 22.94 11.85 9.79 2.74 6.03 500


  • Planform factor: 8.57
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.3
  • Number of cells: 7
  • Fabric: ZP, ZPX OR ZPX/FX11 HYBRID
  • Suspension lines: 700 LBS. VECTRAN ZLX

Canopy Selector

WL Student/Novice Intermediate Advanced Maximum
1.0 1.1 1.3 1.6
Size Lbs Kg Lbs Kg Lbs Kg Lbs Kg
117 NS NS 129 58 152 69 187 85
127 NS NS 140 64 165 75 203 92
137 NS NS 151 68 178 81 219 99
147 NS NS 162 73 191 87 235 107
167 NS NS 184 83 217 98 267 121
187 187 85 206 93 243 110 299 136
207 207 94 228 103 269 122 331 150
227 227 103 250 113 295 134 363 165
247 247 112 272 123 321 146 395 179
277 277 126 305 139 360 164 443 201

Note: The above numbers are recommendations based on the global use of similar canopies, and taking into consideration different training techniques, experiences and other varying conditions. Therefore the recommendation range may be varied based on individual and local training techniques, field elevations and prevailing atmospheric conditions.

This canopy selector program is designed as a non-exclusive guide to selecting a canopy. It is designed to be used to assist you in finding an appropriate model and size of Aerodyne canopy for your exit weight, experience level and expectations. Please remember that in no way can this selector replace professional expert advice that is based upon firsthand knowledge of your current experience, skill level and frame of reference.

Only training, experience, currency and a healthy body and mind can reduce (but will not eliminate) the risk to you of danger, serious bodily injury, or death. Regardless of your time in the sport, never hesitate to consult other more experienced or knowledgeable individuals. They are often happy to help you make appropriate decisions. At Aerodyne, we recommend that, for both your main and your reserve canopies, you choose a canopy suitable for your experience level, which you can land safely at your normal drop zone’s field elevation, in no wind, in hot summer conditions, utilizing a normal straight-in approach and progressive flare.

Please note that this selector is based upon exit weight and International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) conditions. Exit weight is body weight + equipment weight + clothing. ISA conditions are at Mean Sea Level (MSL) with a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius and 101,325 Pa (29.92″ Hg). Canopy wing performance degrades at higher altitudes and with higher temperatures.

Aerodyne has developed an objective method to determine the degree of ellipticity of a canopy’s planform. We have dubbed this value the “planform factor” (“PF”). A higher planform factor equates to a greater degree of ellipticity and will likely exhibit the associated characteristics. Typically an elliptical canopy is more equally pressurized for better flight performance and exhibits better flare capability. Similarly, the toggle pressure is usually lighter and the turn response is quicker. While these observations are not absolute, they are often typical of those exhibited by canopies with more elliptical planforms.


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