National Seat Pack

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NATIONAL EMERGENCY PARACHUTES were developed with the pilot in mind.

The meaning of the 360, 425 and 490 means the square footage, ie: 360 means a canopy of 360 sq ft.

Our high quality parachutes don’t require unnecessary hardware or pack stiffening plates to maintain their shape.
Efficient engineering went into all models right from the start.

They feel and work great and will continue to for years.

National’s Seat Pack is especially desirable when the cockpit has more vertical space than horizontal. For added comfort, the seat pad has one inch of « Astronaut Foam » above the parachute container (user accessible/adjustable via Velcro closure).

Premium B2 = 2 ea B12 –> Snaps Legs & Thread Thru Adapter Chest
Premium B3 = 3 ea B12 –> Snaps Legs & Chest
Premium T3 = 3 ea –> Thread Thru Adapters Legs & Chest
Premium Q2 = 2 ea QE (Quick Ejector) –> Snaps Legs & Thread Thru Adapter Chest
Premium Q3 = 3 ea QE (Quick Ejector) –> Snaps Legs & Chest

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Front angle, color photo of Seat Parachute.



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